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Today, more than ever the philosophy behind the distribution of space in an office, or, generally, in a work environment is linked to the creation of beautiful and comfortable locations inviting to a better production because its more stimulating to work in a comfortable place.

Following case studies of start-ups in the Silicon Valley, we noticed that it is ever more common for important companies to count on the presence of a billiard together with the implementation of tennis courts and sports centres in their facilities. This is because an office is a place where to develop and produce ideas, creativity, resourcefulness... The pool, with the aggregation that its games recalls, and the intelligence and skills that it activates, becomes a fixed element that accompanies working activities throughout their development and even during breaks. It is ever more common to see meeting rooms isolated from the rest of the office, in which it is possible to unwind from one brainstorming to another, indulging in a pleasant game.



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